Cross-Cultural Leadership & Team-Building

Business is global by nature and teams are increasing composed of people from diverse cultures living all around the world. Raising awareness around cultural bias and helping people bridge the cultural communication gap can directly affect the speed and effectiveness of international teams. Idiosynch will guide your leadership teams through a robust process designed to open minds while building communications systems that will allow for long-term success.

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Global Employee Communications

Work with Idiosynch to audit your current approach to communicating with employees around the world. We help you discover what kind of employer brand you currently promote and develop strategies to transform it. Idiosynch engages with all stakeholders from design and content development, to HR leadership and local market HR administrators, to identify gaps and opportunities in your communications ecosystem. We then deliver solution strategies and implementation guidance so you can transform dysfunctional systems into global cohesion that supports your growth and development.

Higher Education Program Development

Innovative educational institutions and forward-thinking departments are increasingly eager to infuse their programs of study with global-readiness training. Idiosynch works to evaluate current programs and develop growth strategies, whether by training professors and directors on opportunities to infuse global-readiness at the course or program level or by helping institutions to create specialized certificate programs.

Global User Experience (UX) Research

People from difference cultures experience digital interfaces in unique ways. Idiosynch works with digital businesses to product customized, robust research on UX that results in actionable observations. Techniques include global customer panels, local-language user interviews, in-market SME feedback and competitive analysis.

Corporate Global-Readiness Strategy

Idiosynch works with organizations large and small to build inside-out systems for capturing existing global knowledge, encouraging cross-cultural competency, empowering local market teams to own communication and support both internally among employees and externally with users and customers.

M&A Advisory

Interest in acquiring language services firms is on the rise. But often private equity lacks the level of understanding required to evaluate the financial and intangible value of acquisition targets and to determine portfolio integration strategies that enhance value and competitiveness. Idiosynch delivers thoughtful and actionable analysis of technology assets, human capital, market position and competitive position.

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