Cross-Cultural Team-Building

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Modern business is global by nature and teams are invariably composed of people from diverse cultures. Success in a multi-cultural setting relies heavily on the ability of employees and stakeholders to communicate effectively and efficiently.

When to focus on cross-cultural dynamics?
Organizations often face cross-cultural communications issues during corporate actions (mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures) and during every day operations when integrating expats into a local office or managing international virtual teams.

Why invest in cross-cultural team-building?
Better communication results in more synergy and innovation, faster progress toward goals, fewer misunderstanding, more satisfying work environments and better employee retention.

What is involved in cross-cultural team-building?
There are many dimensions of culture that affect the way people collaborate. Idiosynch addresses cultural difference related to scheduling, persuasion, decision-making, confrontation, delivering negative feedback, hierarchy & power dynamics and gender. The Idiosynch approach challenges your employees and leadership to expand beyond their local cultural framework, learning about themselves and enabling them to connect with others in more positive and fruitful ways.

What does Idiosynch deliver?

Idiosynch will lead you through a robust process that identifies your objectives and needs and then delivered customized training for your employees. But raising awareness and building skills is only the start. Working with Idiosynch you will come away with better management systems that include cross-cultural communication as a proactive focus.

Are you ready to become an authentically global team? Contact Idiosynch today!


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